Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan

The Uffington and Baulking Neighbourhood Plan

Creating the Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011 and came into effect in April 2012.  Neighbourhood Plans empower local people to get the type of development they want for their community. By following the required process the Plan becomes part of the statutory development plan for the local area.


While Uffington has a Parish Council (meeting monthly), Baulking has a Parish Meeting which meets biannually.


The parishes of Uffington, Baulking and Woolstone jointly published their Community Led Plan  in December 2015 and one of the high priority recommendations (5.2) was to precede with the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.  Woolstone subsequently withdrew from this process in September 2016. The key difference between these two plans is that the Community Led Plan covers a wider range of issues but has no formal authority, (although it may be taken into account when considering planning applications).   A Neighbourhood Plan, on the other hand, is more specific in what it addresses and, once approved (adopted) by the District Council and the community:

  • forms part of the local statutory development plan;
  • forms the basis for determining planning applications in that area.

The production of a Community Led Plan has given the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan a significant headstart. In particular:

  • Support from the community to create a Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Support from the VOWH District Council.
  • A Steering Group that, with some changes of its voluntary membership, has confirmed that it is willing to oversee the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.    (Although this Steering Group is formally a sub-committee of the Uffington Parish Council, for the purposes of any discussion about the Neighbourhood Plan, the Chair of the Baulking Parish Meeting is a co-opted member of the Uffington Parish Council)
  • An endorsed area to be covered by the Plan comprising the two parishes of Uffington and Baulking.


The Plan will be created by following the steps and process

NP Calendar

The calendar below shows the key dates for the meetings of the Uffington Parish Council, the Woolstone and Baulking Parish Meetings, the Planning Steering Group and the dates of community consultations.

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