Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan

Focus Groups

Creating the focus groups

Based on the main areas identified by the Community Led Plan, 6 Focus Groups (FG) were originally identified during the scoping phase: Land Use, History and Heritage, Architecture and Design, Landscape, Sustainability and Communications.  These groups were slightly changed from those originally envisaged after the CLP and after the Community Event on 21st January 2016 to reflect and align better with the finally agreed vision and objectives.  The FGs are as follows:


  • Housing
  • Design and Heritage
  • Landscape
  • Economy and Employment
  • Sustainability and Infrastructure
  • Communications

The alignment  of these FGs with the UBW Vision topics and Objectives is show below.  More detail of the work being undertaken can be found under each FG heading on the left.



The tasks of the communications group (not shown above) are different from those of the other 5 groups. Community engagement is a key element of creating the NP and so the Communications Group will organise a range of ways of communicating with the community and gathering their input to the Plan.


The NP website will be used to communicate with both members of the NPSG and wider community.The site will describe the process to be adopted and summarise decisions and progress against the plan through the publication of the NPSG notes.


For members of the community who do not have access to the internet, a summary of the key information will be posted on a noticeboard outside the Uffington village shop.

Professional Support

We are employing an experienced neighbourhood plan consultant from Bluestone Planning in Faringdon.  An initial contract to provide consultancy support  has been let. This contract covers:

  • A desk-based characterisation report describing the important features of the area (complete).
  • Production of draft plan for public consultation including potential development sites, style, character, size, density etc.
  • Support with local landowner engagement.
  • Preparation of the final draft of the plan for submission to the Vale.
  • Assistance with production of plan.
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