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November 2017 - DRAFT Policies for comment

The DRAFT Design policies discussed at the Community Event on 14 November are listed below. These have now been incorporated, including some wording changes as a result of feedback from a range of stakeholders, into the draft Plan document currently being drafted. If you have any further comments please use the feedback form here or by email to


Policy D1 – Use of the Design Guide

The Uffington Parish Council and Baulking Parish Meeting will examine all planning proposals with comprehensive reference to the Vale Design Guide 2015 and the local design policies D2 to D6 below. Reference to the Guide and local design policies for permitted development will be strongly encouraged.

Policy D2 – Scale and Form

New buildings or extensions will not dominate neighbouring buildings, close important gaps or impede local views.  At the edge of the settlements, the sporadic nature of development will be respected, and the form and massing of any new building scaled accordingly.   

Strong justification will be needed for over-large buildings within their plot and the historic low density of large dominant houses in the villages will be preserved*.   

Policy D3 – Boundary Development

Boundaries of new developments will be wildlife friendly, reflect the traditional, rural context of the villages, and be defined by walls, post & rail fencing or hedges consisting of native species. Boundary features will be of a height which preserves the open views within the villages. (Note: close board fencing is not Policy consistent)

Policy D4 – Maintenance of Rural Character

Over-engineered highway and cycle/footpath proposals will be avoided with the principles of DG31 followed, the over-riding objective being maintenance of a simple rural character with proportionate safety measures. (See also Policy S1B)

Policy D5 – Utility Supply

Utility supply to new developments will be below ground and will reflect the requirements of DG41 to avoid conflict between utility provision, trees and other landscape features and the design of the public realm generally. Opportunities for sinking existing supplies below ground will be encouraged in the Conservation Areas in order better to reveal the character of the street.

Policy D6 – Dark Sky Environment

The “dark sky” environment characteristic of our villages will be continued to reduce light pollution, maintain the amenity of neighbours and the character of the area.  Developments may have sufficient lighting for safety – such as waymarking – without being intrusive to neighbours and the wider village (see DG40).  Security floodlighting will be discouraged as will illuminated advertising. Alternative, modern “architectural lighting” of landmarks such as the Churches, and the Fox and Hounds pub, will be encouraged.


* Note: An Appendix will provide a more detailed summary of design features of individual dwellings to be addressed within this policy as an integral part of policy D2.


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