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Economy and Employment

The DRAFT Economy and Emplyment policies discussed at the recent Community Event are listed below. If you wish to comment or suggest changes to any of these policies, please let us know by 15 July 2017 using the comments form here or by email to  .

June 2017 - DRAFT Policies for comment

Policy EE1 - Commercial Development


EE1A - Proposals for Classes B1 (offices), B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage & distribution) uses offering potential local employment are supported, dependent upon location.

EE1B - Change of use of retail or existing employment developments to alternative uses, will be resisted.


What is the point of this policy?

To capitalise on the only existing brownfield site in the NP area, this being Uffington Trading Estate, utilising its current profile of existing business units and seeking to enhance its potential to offer greater local employment through further expansion of the site, and especially with consideration to a greater diversity of local work opportunities.

This policy aligns with Core Policy 28: New Employment Development on Unallocated Sites, of the Local Plan Part.1. ‘In rural areas the re-use, conversion or adaptation of suitable existing buildings for employment will be supported provided that the benefits are not outweighed by any harmful impacts, taking into account the following criteria:

A.    The effect on the amenity of nearby residents and occupiers

B.    The provision of safe site access for pedestrians and cyclists and for all types of vehicles likely to visit the sites, and measures to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport where possible.

C.   The scale, nature and appearance of the employment development and its relationship with the local landscape character where applicable.


Are there any alternatives or options to this policy?

1.    In terms of alternative locations for a commercial development site, there is little else suitable, or existing, in the NP area. As the site exists, and is operational today, but not at capacity, it makes sense to seek to build upon this.


2.    The actual usage types for the site units, is really determined by accessibility, and the desire to keep light and noise factors to a minimum, in this open countryside environment.


3.    We would welcome your views on this, or suggest alternatives.  



Policy EE2 - Agricultural Development


EE2A - The development and diversification of agricultural and other rural land-based businesses in the NP area will be supported.

EE2B - The re-use of uneconomic/former farm buildings for appropriate rural business activities will be supported in principle.


What is the point of this policy?

To support what is primarily an agricultural economy in the NP area, and retain the countryside nature of the locality. In a difficult economic climate for farmers, the encouragement to diversify should be paramount, to avoid the potential loss of more farms.

The Local Plan Part.2 (under consideration) includes Development Policy 11: Rural Diversification and Equestrian Development Proposals for rural diversification will be supported, provided they are ancillary to and related to the existing business enterprise. Development of new or replacement buildings will be determined in accordance with the requirements of Core Policy 28 and may be subject to a condition to safeguard their use in the interest of the local economy. Farm shops will be supported where it can be demonstrated that they do not undermine the viability and vitality of shopping provision in nearby villages. Control over the types of produce sold may be sought by planning condition. Proposals for the keeping, rearing, training and livery of horses on a commercial basis will be permitted where: i. the proposed premises will have safe access from the site to public bridleways, gallops or other exercise areas in order to avoid conflict between horses and other public highway users, and ii. the proposal does not unacceptably impact upon the site and the amenity of its neighbours.

Are there any alternatives or options to this policy?

1.    The NP area has a number of working farms, but a greater number of farm houses, and associated buildings, that are now private homes. Whilst housing on redundant farm yards is an option, the NP will seek to try to retain core agricultural sites.


2.    We could do nothing to support the local agricultural economy and thereby allow the historic core of the NP area to slowly dwindle away.


3.    We would welcome your views on this, or suggest alternatives. 





Policy EE3 - Supporting Local Businesses


EE3A - Proposals for the development or extension of the village shop, or any other future small shops designed to meet the day-to-day needs of the local population will be permitted provided they do not adversely affect residential or visual amenity, give rise to highway problems or conflict with existing retail services already provided for.

EE3B - Small-scale businesses run from homes, where they do not create nuisance and they do not significantly increase vehicular traffic through the villages will be supported.


What is the point of this policy?

To safeguard the existing retail businesses, and the services that they provide to the community, these being in the NP area the village shop and post office, and the Fox & Hounds pub.

The Local Plan Part.2 (under consideration) includes Development Policy 13: Village and Local Shops Proposals for the development or extension of village and other local shops with less than 500m2 gross retail floorspace, designed to meet the day-to-day needs of the local population, will be permitted, provided they comply with other relevant policies in the Local Plan 2031.

The NP area has a higher than Vale District percentage of home workers, and businesses run from home. This is mainly due to a lack of truly local jobs, but the need to earn, whilst being close to home for children etc. The NP is keen to support this sector of the community.


Are there any alternatives or options to this policy?

1.    We could do nothing to support the local businesses and thereby services, and just allow normal planning applications to run their course.


2.    We could seek to deter residents from running businesses from home, or even working at home, but there is no upside to this.


3.    We would welcome your views on this, or suggest alternatives. 





Policy EE4 - Supporting the Growth of Tourism


The development of local recreation and tourism facilities in association with existing tourist sites will be supported where the range, scale and nature of provision is limited to that commensurate with established visitor numbers, and where it does not detract from the rural character of the area and any historic assets and their setting.


What is the point of this policy?

Tourism is a valuable asset to the NP area, as it brings in revenue from outside of our local area, thereby supporting our community, its businesses and services. In this way, it also creates employment and job opportunities. We are fortunate in having a number of major attractions within the area and these should be shared with visitors, as much as we support them.

The principle is outlined in Core Policy 31: Development to Support the Visitor Economy of the Local Plan Part.1, in that ‘The Council encourages new development to advance the visitor economy for leisure and business purposes.’ This expands to say ‘small-scale development to support the visitor economy, including farm diversification and equine development, will be supported provided that proposals are in keeping with the scale and character of the locality and which would not adversely affect heritage assets or their setting. Larger developments will only be supported in exceptional circumstances.’


Are there any alternatives or options to this policy?


1.    Do nothing to encourage tourism, and its associated benefits to the communities of the NP area.


2.    We would welcome your views on this, and highlight any alternatives or missing detail. 

Details to follow

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