Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
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Economy and Employment

November 2017 - DRAFT Policies for comment

The DRAFT Economy and Employment policies discussed at the Community Event on 14 November are listed below. These have now been incorporated, including some wording changes as a result of feedback from a range of stakeholders, into the draft Plan document currently being drafted. If you have any further comments please use the feedback form here or by email to



Policy EE1: Commercial Development

EE1A - Proposals for Classes B1 (offices), B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage & distribution) uses offering potential local employment are encouraged, dependent upon location.

EE1B - Change of use of retail or existing employment developments to alternative uses, will be resisted.


Policy EE2: Agricultural Development

EE2A - The development and diversification of agricultural and other rural land-based businesses in the NP area will be encouraged.

EE2B - The re-use of uneconomic/former farm buildings for appropriate rural business activities will be supported in principle.


Policy EE3: Supporting Local Businesses

EE3A - Proposals for the development or extension of the village shop, or any other future small shops designed to meet the day-to-day needs of the local population will be permitted provided:

i)          They do not breach any existing covenants regarding land use in the selected location

ii)         They do not adversely affect residential or visual amenity, give rise to highway problems or conflict with existing retail services already provided for.

EE3B - Small-scale businesses run from homes, where they do not create nuisance and they do not significantly increase vehicular traffic through the villages will be supported.


Policy EE4: Supporting the Growth of Tourism

EE4 - The development of local recreation and tourism facilities in association with existing tourist sites will be encouraged where the range, scale and nature of provision is limited to that commensurate with established visitor numbers, and where it does not detract from the rural character of the area and any historic assets and their setting.


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