Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan

Sustainability and Infrastructure

The DRAFT Sustainability and Infrastructure policies discussed at the Community Event on 14 November are listed below. These have now been incorporated, including some wording changes as a result of feedback from a range of stakeholders, into the draft Plan document currently being drafted. If you have any further comments please use the feedback form here or by email to

November 2017 - DRAFT Policies for comment



Policy S1 – Flooding

The Parish Council or Parish Meeting will ensure CP 42 directives are applied to all new development proposals. Developers will be required, based on the historical evidence to consider whether their housing proposals are likely to suffer flooding or to exacerbate flooding in their neighbourhood.


Policy S2 – Mobility and Safe Movement within villages

S2A: All new developments must provide sufficient off-road car parking, integrated into the landscape.

S2B: All new developments must ensure safe movement within and between communities and facilities by creating pedestrian and cycle routes within the neighbourhood.

S2C: All new developments must provide facilities to support energy-efficient transport, such as charging points.


Policy S3 – Amenities

S3A: All new developments will contribute to the expansion of communal facilities proportionally to their associated population increase.

S3B: Communal facilities will be sufficient and welcoming to residents and visitors, and be readily accessible to people of all ages and abilities.




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