Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan


The work of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is funded by grants from four sources:


1.    £10,000 from the Vale of White Horse DC.


2.    £3980 from another source of public funding called 'Locality'. The Locality grant covered the costs in the year to 31 March 2016.


3.    £9000 from another source of public funding called 'Groundworks' The Groundworks grant covers the majority of costs to 31 March 2018.


4.    £3000 from the White Horse Show Trust.  We are extremely grateful for this grant which will be used to cover the final phase costs including producing and printing copies of the final report for the Vale and external examiner and maintaining the website.


Costs incurred by the group are mainly for consultancy support, but there is also expenditure on printing, publicity and community consultation. Income and expenditure is accounted for by the Responsible Financial Officer to the Uffington Parish Council.

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