Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan

Planning Process

The diagram below shows the main activities of the planning process.  Points to note:

  • The engagement with the community throughout (blue)
  • The subject matter expert (mainly external consultants) support throughout
As at December 2017 Click to enlarge

The process is divided into two main phases:

  • Scoping - during this phase the Vision and Objectives are drafted by the Steering Group and modified in consultation with the community.
  • Delivery - once the Vision and Objectives have been agreed there will be several parallel strands of work to carried out by focus groups to develop the main themes and policies, proposals and options in each area. These will then form the Draft Plan

More details of each phase can be seen by clicking on each heading.

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