Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan

NPSG Governance


The Delivery Phase will be managed and monitored by the NPSG. The NPSG will:

  • Comprise members of the community from both villages.
  • Be constituted as a sub-committee of Uffington Parish Council and members, including coopted members, are bound by the same rules as Parish Councillors including:
    • The comply with the Vale Code of Conduct (See below).
    • The requirement sign a 'Declaration of Interest' form (Copy attached below).
  • Comprise members, other than the Chairman, who will also be members of a focus group. Focus groups may also co-opt additional members, either permanently or temporarily, who need not be members of the NPSG.
  • Meet monthly unless unnecessary.
  • Keep minutes as a record of decisions and actions which will be publicly available.
Uffington Parish Council Declaration of Interest
Each member of the NPSG is required to sign this form (which is lodged with Uffington Parish Council clerk)
Register of interests_2015 Election.docx
Microsoft Word document [44.9 KB]

Vale Code of Conduct

As stated above, the NPSG is bound by the Vale Code of Conduct.  The latest version can be downloaded below.

VOWH Code of Conduct 2012
Vale code of conduct 2012.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [47.8 KB]

Bias in Decision Making

We have been reminded of this important subject by the VOWH Council and as such it is brought to the attention of the NP Steering Group, which has been set up as a sub-committee under the auspices of by the Parish Council.


This is an important area for NPSG members. Situations may develop, particularly when the Steering Group is in discussions with landowners, where members might have to consider whether they have a “disclosable pecuniary interest” and whether Presumed Bias or Apparent Bias exists in their relationships.


In order that any such interest can be formally declared, an opportunity will be afforded for any member to state such an interest at each NPSG meeting. The latest version can be downloaded below.

Bias in Decision Making
Bias In Decision Making - February2016.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [188.3 KB]

Information Management

The NPSG will be bound by the Uffington Parish Council policy on Data Protection. This policy is given here.  It is important that these rules are complied with, particularly with regard to sensitive information about individuals and/or sites.

The NPSG will also be bound by the Uffington Parish Council policy on the Freedom of Information which will be published shortly.


In the meantime, the information given in the attached FAQ document below should be used as guidance.

Microsoft Word document [18.7 KB]
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