Baulking Uffington Neighbourhood Plan
                    Baulking    Uffington                                                                                                                                             Neighbourhood Plan

Vision and Objectives

Plan purpose

The purpose of this Neighbourhood Plan is to provide a guide for development within the Parishes of Uffington and Baulking, together with specific planning policies intended to instruct and guide both developers and landowners wishing to develop land within the Parishes. The plan further provides a series of policies aimed at improving various aspects of the Parishes’ built environment, infrastructure and community resources.

Vision (modified 9.3.17)

Our vision is that in 2031 the community, comprising the villages of Uffington and Baulking, will still sit in a peaceful rural setting, dominated by two of the most famous landmarks in the country: the White Horse Hill and the Ridgeway. There will continue to be strategic gaps between the villages consisting of farmland and wooded areas, as we will have protected the surrounding countryside from inappropriate development. There will, however, have been some building, consistent with the Vale of White Horse Local Plan, and having regard to our Housing Needs Assessment, to address the current and future needs of all sections of our community. Our heritage assets will have been protected. We will have done our best to stimulate the local economy and to optimise opportunities for employment in the neighbourhood. The facilities, services and infrastructure will have been properly maintained, and upgraded where possible, to a standard fit for a time approaching the middle of the 21st century.



1. To ensure that any development in the future is sited where the community wants it.


2. To provide for the changing housing needs of the community.


3. To enhance the built environment of our villages.


4. To retain Uffington and Baulking’s identities as individual villages, each with a strong heritage.


5. To preserve the high quality and accessible countryside setting of Uffington and Baulking within the open landscape of the Vale and White Horse Hill and to protect the valued green spaces within and around our villages.


6. To stimulate the local economy and to optimise opportunities for local employment.


7. To protect and enhance our community facilities and recreation space so as to meet the needs of a growing population.


8. To ensure the infrastructure within the parishes of Uffington and Baulking is developed to support sustainable growth.




These objectives will be achieved by drawing on evidence, which will include

  • the Community Led Plan (CLP)

  • the Characterisation Study

  • feedback from community consultations and events

  • the Vale of White Horse DC Local Plan (Parts 1 and 2) and other guidance

  • a Sustainability Assessment/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) - N/A

  • a Landscape Capacity Study (LCS)

  • the local Housing Needs Assessment (HNA)

Timescale (as at July 2018)

The timescale envisaged for the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan is based on information from other community plans and that proposed in the CLP. The intention is to complete a draft of the Plan, ready for submission, by about September 2018.

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