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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Neighbourhood Plan. If your question is not answered below, please use the Contact Us link.

Q - Do we have to have a Neighbourhood Plan?

A - We do not have to have a Plan but the Government strongly encourages neighbourhoods to have a plan which reflects the views of the local community and is formally endorsed by both the community and the local council (Vale of the White Horse District Council in our case). The policies in the Plan will then be factored into any future planning applications.

Q - Why does the Neighbourhood Plan cover the three parishes of Uffington, Baulking and Woolstone?

A - During the creation of the Community Led Plan it was decided that, due to the synergies, similarities and the shared use of many facilities and services between these three parishes, they could sensibly be combined for neighbourhood planning purposes. A formal application was submitted to VOWH and approved in February 2015.  See

However in November 2016 Woolstone Parish Meeting decided to withdraw from the NP process so that the Plan now includes just the Uffington and Baulking parishes - see Home page for more detail.

Q - When might land owners become involved in the process?

A - The Steering Group's approach to dealing with landowners, developers and site promoters will be open and balanced. We anticipate that the point at which we will begin to engage with landowners will be when the Neighbourhood Plan reaches the stage of identifying and testing policy and site options.


The Steering Group distributed in early May a “call for sites” to all residents in the Plan Area and to known owners of land who reside outside the Area. The aim is to ascertain what land might become available for development over the Plan period encompassing anything from a single dwelling, to a larger site for multiple houses, commercial development or for protection as a “green space”.

A copy of this letter can be accessed on this web site within the Public Consultation page.


In relation to this, we held a consultation event for residents of the three parishes on Thursday 14th July in the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall.

Some more generic FAQs about neighbourhood planning can be found on the My Community website here.

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